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BioActive Services is focused on solving field production issues for Oil and Gas operators primarily in the U.S. and Canada. Issues that negatively affect production and profitability can be cost effectively addressed. Products and treatment programs are available for problems including Asphaltenes, Paraffin, Iron Sulfide, H2S Emissions, Sulfate Reducing Bacteria and Scale. BioActive Services has a 30 year proven track record of delivering a strong ROI and consistent results to the operator.

Stimulation of production wells with ChainBreaker Microbial Treatment can provide increased production through wellbore clean-up and paraffin degradation by a proprietary, concentrated blend of non-pathogenic bacterium. BioActive has brought many “dead” wells back to life. Bio-Clean, a specialty enzyme formulation, is used in conjunction with ChainBreaker in certain applications.

In addition to production well treatment and stimulation, BioActive has experience in augmenting water floods with ChainBreaker. For salt water spills around pipelines and tank batteries, Salt-B-Gone can be used to remediate soil contamination issues.

Contact BioActive Services for safe, cost-effective solutions to field production issues.

Expensive equipment is not needed to treat.

Rod strings after treatment.

Plunger lift after treatment.

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